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We Each Have a Voice


By Jack Redmond

Every day we see things that rub us the wrong way! So we talk, tweet, and post our frustrations attempting to bring change, but mostly we’re just venting. Sometimes it’s about people we don’t know, other times it’s those we care most about.

Each of us knows the frustration of seeing people we know going down the wrong path, or living beneath their purpose. We have reached out, encouraged, even argued with people on how to live a better life. If we are honest, we may even be frustrated at ourselves, or at least in our inability to make a difference in their lives.

We must not get frustrated and stop speaking, but we can be more strategic in our communications. Our voice has power than can help people get on the right path, we can let our voice be heard! Thousands of years ago, the writer penned the ancient proverb: “The tongue has the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21NIV).

The greatest thing we can do to truly help people is to help them connect and walk with Jesus. God created us with a plan and a purpose, but outside of being connected and led by God Himself, we all go astray.

Our words have the power to encourage, guide and lead people to a better life. Many of us know this, but few followers of Christ actually help others connect with Jesus. The statistics are alarming! 90-95% of self-proclaimed Christians admit they have never helped one person begin a personal relationship with Jesus!

Helping Others Connect with Jesus

I have spent almost the last 20 years helping others connect with Jesus. When I began, I had no teaching or training and almost no Bible knowledge. Jesus had changed my life and that was the basis of what I shared with others.

This has been done in coffee shops, on the street, and in many churches. It doesn’t matter, whether it’s our family over Thanksgiving Dinner or our co-worker in the next cubicle, we are surrounded by people who are disconnected from God.

In addition to personally winning souls, I have great joy in helping other Christ followers learn the words, build their faith, and gain the thinking needed to help others connect with Jesus.

In my book Let Your Voice Be Heard, I capture many life stories and the Biblical principles needed to help people become greater soul winners.

Here’s one example. When I decided to follow Jesus, my life was transformed. Before long I believed that, if God could change my life, He could transform others.

God gave me the strength to change. Soon I realized if God reached out to me for a personal relationship, He also reached out to others. He extended His love to everyone.

So with no ministry title, a few months into my new life God used me to help others connect with Him. As I read the Gospels and the book of Acts, one thing became clear. Once people followed Jesus, they told others about Him. As followers of Christ, everyday life involved connecting others with Him. This changed as Christianity grew into a more established religion. However, I believe God wants His people to return to their roots, living and sharing the Gospel like the early days when the Church turned the world upside down.

It’s a myth that we need a title or position of authority to do great things for God. This myth causes people not to step out boldly for Christ’s cause. Power to do things for God emerges from the Holy Spirit, and He resides in all followers of Christ.

God sent His Son to die for each and every person, and wants them to connect with Him. You have the power to help people get on the right path. The only question is, “Will you let your voice be heard?”

Jack Redmond is the Church Mobilization Pastor at Christ Church and can be reached at www.jackredmond.org.