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Moms in Prayer: Interceding on Behalf of Children and Schools


By Rachel Mari 

Another school year is well underway and Moms in Prayer International is committed to intercessory support for children, teachers, and schools in their neighborhoods and beyond.

“Moms in Prayer International is a life-changing ministry of prayer,” said New Jersey State Coordinator Cynthia Weisbecker. “We believe nothing is impossible with God, so as we pray and obey, God will do His mighty work in calling moms to pray.”

A global prayer movement, the ministry includes all types of moms—stay at home, working outside the home, home schooling, moms of special needs children, grandmothers, etc.

“Moms in Prayer is having an eternal impact on children and schools by two or more moms coming together praying in agreement for one another’s children and schools,” said Weisbecker.

Groups meet for an hour each week and use a four-step prayer format that includes praise, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. Moms pray for specific requests regarding their children, teachers, staff, school concerns, and local needs.

Moms in Prayer International (originally known as Moms in Touch International) started in 1984 when founder Fern Nichols joined with a small group of moms to pray. Nichols was burdened with concern as she thought about her children’s challenges to resist immoral values, vulgar language, peer pressure, and philosophies that could undermine their faith while in junior high school.

Now under the leadership of Sally Burke, Moms in Prayer continues to carry out the vision of every school in the world (public, private, etc.) being covered in prayer. Groups are praying for children and schools in every state in the U.S. and in more than 140 countries; the organization’s booklet has been translated into more than 50 languages. As the ministry grows, God continues to reveal His plan for Moms in Prayer International and to answer the prayers of moms worldwide.

It is an incredible testimony to the power of prayer for all loved ones and the tangible results that persistent prayer achieves. The anxiety and fear that many moms face is being replaced with peace and hope, says Weisbecker. Children are coming to know Jesus or are returning to relationships with Him; those in prayer are strengthening their relationships with the Lord; individuals are learning to pray scripturally and specifically; and the groups are providing community and connection for those involved—even when one is transplanted from one region to another.

“A Bergen County mom praying in a Moms in Prayer group moved to Sarasota, Florida. Shortly after she [relocated] there, she found and joined a Moms in Prayer group that was praying for her children’s school,” explained Weisbecker. “Immediately, she had a connection with other Christian moms in this new group. Here was a group of new moms praying for her children, as well as her praying for theirs. There was also support given with moms welcoming her and introducing her to the new area.”

The goals of Moms in Prayer groups include prayer for children to come to know Jesus and stand boldly in their faith, and to provide support and encouragement to moms who carry heavy burdens for their children. The moms are also committed to pray for school teachers and administrative staff to come to know Jesus, for schools to be directed by biblical values and high moral standards, and to be an encouragement and positive support to schools.

“Praying in one accord is based on the verse, ‘If two or more agree on anything according to God’s will, it will be done’ (Matthew 18:19),” Weisbecker said. “It’s a time of prayer where women fulfill God’s Word by ‘carrying one another’s burdens’ to the Lord in prayer. A Moms in Prayer group is a safe place. Trust is developed and friendships are formed through praying together.”

As Moms in Prayer continues to grow, the ministry looks forward to reaching and incorporating more moms, and making connections with young moms, churches, and para-church groups. “From young moms to grandmas and all those in between, come join a Moms in Prayer group and give your child the greatest gift—which is your prayers for them,” said Weisbecker.

-By Rachel Mari

For information on joining a Moms in Prayer International group, visit www.MomsInPrayer.org. E-mail: NJ@MomsInPrayer.org.