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Christ Church Presents Preaching Seminar: “The Art of Homiletics”


On Tuesday, May 8 Christ Church in Rockaway, NJ will host a Preaching Seminar with the theme: “The Art of Homiletics: Engaging An Ever-Changing World With A Culturally Relevant Gospel.”

How do you preach sermons that engage the heart, connect with the culture and win souls? What is the inner life of effective preachers? Discover the answers to these questions and many others as Drs. Martin Sanders and David Ireland, along with a few of their friends, draw from their experience preaching in over 100 nations. Together, they will help attendees prepare and deliver transformation sermons.

Whether you are a veteran or an emerging preacher, this all-day event will help you understand the biblical art of preaching passionately behind the sacred desk. Pastors and their preaching teams, students, and emerging teachers will have the chance to gather insightful and creative ways to engage an audience.  Attendees will also hear from Marlinda Ireland, Pastor Tim Lucas, and Dr. Gabriel Salguero.

The all-day event will provide an understanding of the biblical art of preaching passionately. Topics will include, “Preaching for Justice Formation,” “The Preacher’s Health,” “Creative Preaching,” and many others.

The event is sponsored by Christ Church, Nyack College, Blue Mountain Christian Retreat and Conference Center, Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center, and Planning Center.

The Preaching Seminar will be held at Christ Church’s Rockaway campus from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. The cost is $99 for individuals and $45 dollars for students. More information can be found at ChristChurchUSA.org/PreachingSeminar.