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One App to Bless, Saturate Greater New York City


By Pastor David Beidel

Saturate NY Metro has been working passionately for the past five years to see our entire region covered with the knowledge of Jesus as the waters cover the sea. This has resulted in over 3 million homes being adopted for prayer and Gospel engagement by hundreds of neighborhood churches in the tristate region and over 6 million evangelistic books, Encounter Life tracts and Jesus Film DVD’s being distributed everywhere. This fall, we are excited to announce the launch of a completely redesigned web/app that has the capacity to bless every soul in our metro and bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

All with one CLICK at www.SaturateNYMetro.app.

The new web/app bypasses the need for Apple, Google, credit cards and passwords. It works on phones, tablets and PC’s. It takes up no memory on your device and it loads in seconds!  Click on the link or load it into your browser and you will find a treasure trove of Social Services available in every zip code, dozens of prayer and crisis hotlines, Gospel/Bible/Apologetic resources in up to 1700 languages, free worship music, a Bible that will open to any language a phone is set to, and much, much more.

For churches and individuals who have a heart to reach out to their community, not only will this app be a powerful tool that can be shared with a  quick text or share of the link, but under our Saturate Outreach Tools slider, congregations can utilize a wonderful neighborhood prayer/outreach journal and have access to a constant stream of seasonal, relevant and beautiful tracts.

The app is available in Spanish and English.  In the near future Saturate NY Metro will launch a separate app that is less geographically specific: GLEW.app (God’s Love Every Where).  Both apps will work nationally and internationally.  GLEW will cater to a broader audience.  (It is functional now but needs some work.)

Next year will be one of the most evangelistic seasons in world history.  The Saturate team is excited to launch a free and easily accessible resource for our region and for the world!  In the near future both apps will be available on Google Play and the Apple store, however, this web/app has the ability to spread throughout the world at lightning speed. Please share widely and pray for the blessing of God and the salvation of billions!

Pastor David Beidel is the founder of Saturate New York.