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TEN DAYS OF AWE: Ministries invite Local Christians, Church Groups to Prayer Season; Will Address Abortion, Suicide, Murder


By David Beidel, Founder, Saturate NY

I recently had the honor of spending some time with one of the greatest men of God of the last century.  Dick Eastman is best known for his legendary book, “The Hour That Changes the World.”  Through it, he taught millions to pray for the entire world. For the past 40 years he has practiced what he preached by prayerfully, passionately, and persistently leading Every Home For Christ as they recently crossed the two billion threshold! Not dollars but doors. Two billion homes have been engaged as local churches and missionaries hand delivered the Good News to each household. Well over 200 million have come to Christ!

He is over 80 years old now and still flying around the globe, inspiring evangelism everywhere.  As I heard him preach, I hung on every wise, profound word.  The sentence that I will never forget, however, was: “I feel the Lord calling me to spend more time on my face before him.”  Did I mention that he is over 80 years old!

I like to sit on my comfortable living room chair, with a hot cup of coffee and some zucchini bread while I read the word of God and pray. I will continue to enjoy these sweet times with my Savior, but I pray differently when I am on lying face down before the Lion and the Lamb, my King who holds the universe in His hands. It is still close, intimate and precious, but I am often overcome with trembling AWE in these times.

The Bible encourages many different positions for prayer and worship. All seem to evoke a unique sentiment and understanding of our glorious and multifaceted relationship with Jesus. Recently, the Lord has tugged on the hearts of leaders throughout our region that we need a time of face down consecration. Several gathered for prayer this summer. We were shell shocked following a horrific week of mass murders and mourning over the metastasizing culture of death in our nation through abortion, overdose, and suicide.  We sensed an urgency to set aside a time for consecration, fasting, and prayer. As we tried to secure a week that worked for everyone we landed on the week of September 29.  Interestingly, the “Love Life” (LoveLife.org) movement had also chosen that week for fasting and prayer and Justin Reeder, the president shared with me that Mark 9:29  says:  “This kind comes out only through fasting and prayer.”

God’s hand on this season of prayer became even more apparent when we realized that we were also aligning with the ancient Jewish season of repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippor, know as “The Ten Days of AWE.”  As it turns out, networks of churches in nearly 50 cities throughout our nation and world have been setting aside these ten days to STOP, REPENT, FAST, PRAY, COME TOGETHER, SEEK GOD’S FACE and stand in the gap on behalf of the land (10Days.net).

Finally, Rosh Hashanah is known as “The Day of the sounding of the Shofar, the blowing of trumpets.”  The words of Joel 2:15-17 could not be more significant for the Church today: Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a Holy Fast…why should they say among the peoples, ‘Where is Your God!’

20 years ago, when our tiny congregation purchased an abandoned warehouse in a neighborhood with the second highest murder rate in NYC, the Lord spoke clearly to us through this passage; calling us to fast and pray against the murder epidemic in our community. We stood together in prayer and declared, “In the name of Jesus, we bind the spirit of murderous rage in our community.  We say, ‘No more murders in West Brighton!” On that day the plague of murder stopped. Over the last 20 years the homicide rate has been down 97% following that decade of violence. We believe that, as we align in consecration and prayer, God will break the plague of abortion, murder and suicide that is haunting our nation now.

Dozens of ministries and denominations in the New York metro area and throughout the world will be praying in concert this fall from Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 29) to Yom Kippur (Oct. 9). The New York metro region joined the movement late in the game this year, but we are excited to incorporate this meaningful Holy season into our hectic calendars. We encourage churches and networks everywhere to participate in any way they feel led.

The Lord has laid on the hearts of many across the nation we must GO DEEPER as we prepare to GO WIDER than ever in outreach during the spring and summer of 2020. During these ten days, God is giving the Church a collective opportunity to rediscover AWE as we explore deeply the wonders of the Christ.  We strongly encourage ministry leaders throughout our region to take advantage of the rich treasures of the Christ Institutes. David Bryant, president of Christ Now and founder of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York, has distilled 30 years of study, experience and profound research into this-10 day experience into the “spectacular supremacy of Christ.”

This top tier series is free and available at: TheChristInstitutes.com and SaturateNYMetro.app. On the Saturate web/app, you will also find a list of worship and prayer gatherings throughout our region.  (If you would like to host a prayer gathering please send the pertinent information to: info@saturateny.org).

10 Days of Awe Prayer Themes

  • A Christ Awakening in the Church and throughout the world.
  • Oneness in the Body of Christ – that the world might know Jesus.
  • The binding of the spirit of murder and death in America:
  • Abortion, Mass Murder, Suicide and Overdose

At 10Days.net, you can find more information about the blossoming international movement and prayer guides.  

Participating Ministries: The Assemblies of God (NY Metro), The Church of God (Northeast), Lead NYC, The Hope Day Network, Love NY, Saturate NY Metro, Jesus Week, Love Life, Christ Now.