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‘Move the Chains’ Conference Features Former NY Giants Super Bowl Champion, Pillar College President, and Legacy Minded Men Founder


Pillar College, headquartered in Newark, NJ, will host a conference entitled, “Move The Chains: Winning Principles to Advance Your Leadership Potential in the Game Of Life.”

The conference will be held on Thursday, November 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the First Baptist Peddie Memorial Church, 572 Broad Street in Newark. Speakers include Dr. David Schroeder, president of Pillar College; Lee Rouson, a two-time Super Bowl Champion with the New York Giants; and Joe Pellegrino, founder and director of Legacy Minded Men.

Move the Chains will feature winning principles of leadership that Lee Rouson learned from former New York Giants Coach Bill Parcells. These principles apply to leadership in every area of life, whether in sports, business, church, or family. The title relates to a principle that well-known by football fans: a team doesn’t have to score a touchdown on every play; rather, they just need to “move the chains” by advancing the ball ten yards in four plays to gain a first down. Eventually, this “movement of the chains” leads to touchdowns and, hopefully, a victory. Leaders need to define, identify, and work towards specific, measurable steps that will “move the chains” of their organizations, and, eventually, advance our mission toward the goal.

How do we assemble, train, organize and motivate a winning team?  “I remember the first day of training camp in 1985,” Rouson said, “Coach Parcells communicated to everyone in the organization, from the owner to the free agents, that the purpose for everyone being in that initial meeting was for our eyes to be set on winning the Super Bowl. Well, as members of Team Jesus, we are to set our eyes, minds and actions on Jesus for the building and shaping of our character. Character determines success!”

Dr. Schroeder and Joe Pellegrino will offer relevant perspectives on these principles of leadership in the world of business and education.

Pillar College, New Jersey’s only fully accredited, Evangelical Christian college, is a multi-site, urban-based, ethnically and religiously diverse college that provides accessible, affordable and transformational learning opportunities especially for young and mature working adults.  Although it is transparent about its Christian identity, it is a non-sectarian school that welcomes all persons, regardless of their religious or non-religious background.

Registration for the conference $35.00 (General Admission is $40.00 after November 8th) and $20.00 for students (student ID required). Lunch is included in the conference fee. Register here, or at www.pillar.edu.

Written By Dr. Peter Amerman, Department Chair of Biblical Studies, Pillar College