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Conquering Fear and Zany Migrations in “Little Blue’s Runaway Adventure”


Little Blue’s Runaway Adventure, by Dr. Kim Grom, is a charming book that features themes of family bonding, learning to fly, and overcoming fear on thirty-four beautifully-illustrated pages.

With her first children’s book, Grom, of Kingwood, NJ, wanted to portray the deep love that exists within the hearts of family members, one for another.

“Little Blue’s sweet tale reminds us of what is important about love and family,” she said.

Little Blue’s Runaway Adventure (published by Xlibris) focuses on the journey of a bluebird named Little Blue. The story weaves fantasy and reality through animals in a family setting. Life-lessons are learned and challenges are met as Little Blue “leaves the nest” of her parents, starts a family with Handsome Blue Boy, and matures into granny-hood. (story continues after ad)

“Little Blue expresses family love in a fun way that children can relate to,” said Grom, an ordained minister, counselor, and life coach. “Children do not often know the extent of family love – they are too young. Parents are usually busy raising their kids, and not always able to articulate this concept to their children.

“My grandkids, ages seven and four, loved the story! They resonated!”

Dr. Kim Grom

Kim and her husband Bob are the parents of four adult children and two grandchildren. A book lover ever since she was a child, Kim Grom would read for hours. Books took her on journeys to many new places, she said. Her love for literature has inspired a deep passion for writing; she loves to create beautiful and wondrous worlds, and let her inner child run free.

Little Blue’s Runaway Adventure is the first book in a series by Dr. Grom.

“I would be honored if parents and grandparents would take a peek at my book and share this story with your family this holiday season,” she said.

Little Blue’s Runaway Adventure is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Dr. Grom’s author website is located at http://drkimgrom.com.