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Even Legends Need a Quiet Place


photo: wikipedia commons

By Robert Skead

Prayer is simply part of one’s friendship with the Most High. I have quiet places to pray: a room in my house, behind my local firehouse in my car, and on my walks.

Recently, I was reminded about the importance of quiet places. Places where we not only commune with God, but also be still and rest as we let his Holy Spirit calm and renew us. My mind took me back to a little known fact I read about a quiet place in Yankee Stadium where Lou Gehrig would go. His wife knew about it. This storage room below the bullpen of Yankee stadium was a refuge for Gehrig when the disease that would later be named after him was ravaging is body. Needing privacy, Gehrig would retreat there, and his wife Eleanor would wait for him by a side door, which was just up the ramp beside the bullpen, and she would take him home. I could only imagine Gehrig would talk to God there too. Wouldn’t you?

How do we know about this routine from Lou Gehrig’s last years? His wife told Ray Negron, the Yankees batboy, about it when he asked her what she thought about the movie “The Pride of the Yankees.” Her reply was, “The only thing they should have used, but they didn’t, was the room.” She then told him the story about it. Gehrig’s chair would have been beside a pillar.

Whatever you are feeling today, I want to encourage you to find a quiet place and pray. Even a Yankees legend needed a quiet place.

Robert Skead is the author of several popular Christian and secular children’s books, and an affiliate staff member of Athletes in Action. Discover more at www.robertskead.com.

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