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Let the People Pray Lord


By Daniella Pasquale

Let the people pray Lord
Let the people come to the one they need
Let the people come Lord on bended knee

Let them realize you are Adonai
Open up their eyes
Your arms are opened wide
You have made the way if they only pray

They’ll be justified through your sacrifice
You are waiting Lord for their return
Oh how your heart does yearn

In the midst of trouble anguish and sin
You are bidding them come in
Where shelter is found
Underneath my wings

You are the mercy that overflows
You are the God we need to know
Your promises Lord never fail
If we humble ourselves we will prevail

Oh take your sheep that are lost
Bring them home to the cross
Where power reigns
In Jesus name

A humble nation is before you Lord
Pouring out our hearts
Please forgive us and not depart

May we become warriors
Led by your might
Engage the enemy and win the fight

Let our prayers ascend to your throne
Where your scepter reigns
You are God alone
Father Son and Holy Ghost

Let your glory Lord
Fill the heart of man
One reigns true the great I Am

Let us enter the Holy of Holies
And meet you there
In gratefulness
In solemn prayer