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82-Year Old Resident of Eva’s Village Shelter in Paterson Beats COVID-19, Reunites with His Family


Eva’s Kitchen, in Paterson, NJ, recently released this video of Clifton, a shelter resident who contracted COVID-19 six weeks ago. After a turn for the worse, Clifton miraculously began to improve. Meanwhile, a chance connection led to a family reunion.

Clifton’s story highlights the individualized and integrated care Eva’s Village in Paterson, NJ provides to high-risk people who struggle with hunger, homelessness, addiction, unemployment, medical and mental health issues.

Beginning as a simple soup kitchen nearly 40 years ago, Eva’s Village has added services and programs to serve thousands of men, women and children in need each year. Today, Eva’s serves nearly 500,000 meals annually, treats hundreds of residential and outpatient clients for substance use disorders, offers long-term recovery support to clients and the community, provides emergency shelter and supportive housing, offers medical, dental, and mental health care, helps clients prepare to re-enter the workforce, and offers certified vocational training through its Culinary School.

As the pandemic unfolds, Eva’s continues to serve its core mission and the Paterson community by adapting programs and services. Clinical staff still care for and treat nearly 150 men, women and children living in our halfway houses and shelters. Distribution of 300-500 daily meals to go has replaced sit-down dining in the Community Kitchen, among other services. For information on volunteering at Eva’s Village or supporting this ministry financially, click here.

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