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The Beacon On Bank Street Offers Counseling Help During Crisis


The Beacon on Bank Street Counseling Center is offering help to anyone who is feeling tired, alone, and unsettled due to social distancing and the current pandemic.

Worldwide health organizations have issued alerts about a possible mental health crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In early April, nearly half of those surveyed reported their mental health had been adversely affected by the current pandemic.

“Concern about our jobs, our loved ones or uncertainty about the future can leave us at best stressed and at worst emotionally depleted,” said ays Tom Giglio, Director of the Beacon On Bank Street Counseling Center and Program Director at the Market Street Mission in Morristown.

“So much of our identity is intertwined with the perception of ourselves. Many handle the stress in unhealthy ways, turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain. To combat the feelings of loneliness and uncertainty it’s important to talk to someone. The Beacon On Bank Street Center is ready to help by offering the compassionate listening ear of a professional and experienced counselor.”

The Beacon on Bank Street Counseling Center, a ministry of the Market Street Mission, is designed to serve anyone in the community who is struggling.  Staffed by knowledgeable and experienced counselors, the Center offers access to professional and private one-on-one counseling solutions via Tele-Therapy and HIPA approved Zoom meetings.

“As this crisis lingers, people are trying to find ways to cope” says Giglio, “If money is an issue we can waive the fee.  We don’t want to prevent anyone from getting the help they need right now.”

For more information call the Beacon On Bank Street Counseling Center in Morristown at 973-538-0140.  Reach them via email at: counseling@marketstreet.org