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Honoring the Graduates of Veritas Christian Academy (Sparta, New Jersey)


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, high school, middle school, and grammar school students, families, teachers, and administrators faced unprecedented challenges. In recognition of the faith, hard work, and perseverance at local Christian schools, TriStateVoice.com is honoring graduates this month. Today, we honor Veritas Christian Academy in Sparta, New Jersey.

By Thomas Argersinger

As the new Head Administrator of Veritas, I couldn’t be prouder of these graduates.

The fine work of my predecessor Suzanne Bruno and the outstanding faculty, parents and administrative staff of Veritas can be seen in each student who moved their tassel on the virtual stage in June.

But what sort of world are they entering?

It seems that chaos is all around us: a global pandemic, a polarized citizenry, and vicious disagreements over how to deal with important issues like race, gender, and freedom.

Yet, when I look at these young people I find that I am optimistic – hopeful even. How can this be?

First of all, my ultimate hope is in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and not in circumstances. He is neither surprised nor worried nor confused by all that is happening around us.

Secondly, I am hopeful because I see young people who are determined to follow this same Jesus wherever He leads and whatever it costs, even though it is not fashionable nor rewarded by society.

At Veritas they have been thoroughly prepared for the world of higher education, work, and contribution, having spent their precious hours of study focused on the real work of thinking and learning, rather than on the superficial and trendy content that permeates so much of K-12 education today.

I am particularly grateful to be called to lead Veritas at this time in history, because I believe that a Christian High School like Veritas is the best place to train and mentor a generation of thinkers who know and follow God, and who will inspire and influence others toward true success.

Students at Veritas develop 21st century skills while learning to work productively and respectfully in relationship with others, even when they disagree.

They engage every day with timeless truth, eternal values and bedrock principles that never change, while retaining the flexibility of mind necessary to accommodate new discoveries and adapt appropriately to a rapidly changing world.

Armed with faith, hope, truth and love, these young people will actually be able to make sense of their world, and in turn make it a better place to live, work and raise a family.

This is the sort of education that is so desperately needed today. The mission is clear, and the world cannot wait.

Veritas Christian Academy Graduates:

Trent Lupo
Amy Van Grow
Isabella Cruz
Brianna Tacoronte
Andrew Newman
Jonathan O’Brien
Eden Van Ek
Zoe Novak
Chloe Milanesi
Dylan Cuperus
Brian Reiff



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