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“Telling Our Christian Stories in a Non-Christian Era” – Colloquy on Christian Education and Culture Meets in Manhattan


Photo: Radio executive Lee Habeeb was the moderator of the Colloquy on Christian Education.

On July 13, the Colloquy on Christian Education and Culture was held in New York City at St. Thomas Church.

Over the last 24 years, participants in the annual event have included college presidents, provosts, and professors as well as preparatory school headmasters and masters. The gathering is limited to 18-20 participants reach year, assuring that the conversation will be active.

Pasto moderators have included Dr. Paul C. Vitz, writer and NYU Graduate School Professor; Princeton Professor Dr. Robert George; and The Honorable Paul J. McNulty, President of Grove City College.

The 2020 moderator was Lee Habeeb, a talk radio executive, host, and columnist. Habeeb is the Vice President of Content for the Salem Radio Network and the founder of American Private Radio. He is also the founder and voice of “Our American Stories,” a radio show and podcast featuring stories that represent the best of America: history, sports, music, free enterprise, charity, faith, family, and more.  The program can be heard five days a week, two hours a night, on over 140 affiliates across the country.

This year’s topic was “Telling Our Christian Stories in a Non-Christian Era: Shining Light into the Darkness of the Spiritual and Moral Decay of our America Directly Affecting Christian Education.”

The theme of the Colloquy was: “Taking advantage of every opportunity to reach more Americans students with real stories, in your own words, and with great clarity.”

Robert F. Davis, founder and CEO of the event, said, “Our conversations about beliefs and convictions should roll out in an approachable, conversational manner, with give and take. We can disagree all day long, but should get worked up when our exchanges in class are not fair, and dialogue isn’t honored.”

THE ANNUAL COLLOQUY ON CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AND CULTURE “exists to build partnerships among committed Christian scholars by challenging them to look ahead, while being informed by the past. Because God is calling Christians to educational leadership, Christian scholars must purpose to find meaning in a knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and strive to influence education and culture by motivating students to demonstrate this knowledge in a life of service to others through effective leadership.  Jesus Christ, God, the ultimate truth and source of all truth, is the center around which all of this revolves.”