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Mayor Bill de Blasio: LEAD.NYC and Adam Durso Are Valued Allies


By Tom Campisi, publisher of tristatevoice.com

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently commended Pastor Adam Durso and LEAD.NYC for the organization’s role as “a vital partner” in the wake of the city’s COVID-19 crisis.

The mayor noted how LEAD.NYC is empowering faith leaders and connecting underserved communities with needed resources. Durso, the executive director of LEAD.NYC, is a member of de Blasio’s Clergy Advisory Council.

“As we work to overcome the unprecedented challenges our city has already grappled with this year and will continue to face in the months and years ahead, our faith communities will be more important than ever before,” wrote de Blasio in a letter to the organization. “New York City is grateful for the work of Reverend Adam Durso and LEAD.NYC. As a member of my Clergy Advisory Council, he has been a valued ally in our mission to strengthen relationships between City government and neighborhoods across the five boroughs.”

LEAD.NYC trains, equips, and connects pastors and leaders across the area through various initiatives and prayer events, including Movement Day NYC, which will be held virtually this year on October 20 and 21.

“These last several months have been such a critical opportunity for churches in New York City to rethink how they do ministry, how they reach their people, and how they serve their neighborhoods and communities,” said Rev. Chuck Armstrong, the Decadal Plan Director for LEAD.NYC.

Rev. Adam Durso at Movement Day 2019

Armstrong noted that even though events like Movement Day and other events are more virtual due to the pandemic, the vision of LEAD.NYC hasn’t changed, “In fact, it seems that more and more pastors and leaders are able to connect digitally nowadays, and so I’m excited to see these connections grow over time.”

Mayor de Blasio said he was counting on an unprecedented amount of coordination between stakeholders in the coming days, especially in those areas hardest hit by the virus.

“Organizations like LEAD.NYC and leaders like Reverend Durso will help to guide us forward in this effort,” he said. “I look forward to our City’s continued partnership with this exemplary New Yorker and to a stronger future forged together in faith and fellowship.”