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Do You Hear the Sound of Peepers at Work?


Photo: Wikipedia Commons

By Drew Crandall, Co-Chair, CalledToWork.org

Matthew 11:15 (KJV): “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

COMMENTARY: Hiking on trails in Connecticut this time of year is exciting because you begin to see, smell, feel and hear various signs of spring. Among the most curious new sounds come from spring peepers. These small tan or brown frogs live by the thousands on wetlands and ponds created by melted snow, springs and streams. During spring mating season, the male peepers make a fascinating, and sometimes deafening, chorus of chirps that resemble the sound of sleigh bells! (The Lord is so amazingly creative, isn’t He?)    

APPLICATION: Just like the seasons, there are economic cycles to every business, industry and economy. In many ways, due to the coronavirus, the past year has been an economic winter. However, this spring, I’m hearing “economic peepers,” the chirping of new opportunities just in their infancy. They have not yet grown to full adult size, but they have good potential for economic life and vitality later this year and into the future.

In several passages, Jesus exhorts us to be good listeners. First and foremost, to Him and His Spirit. We should also be good listeners in general. Can you hear the economic peepers coming to life in your business or industry? Be sure to have your ears wide open, so you can hear them and help to nurture them to life. Don’t let all of the negative noise around you–including sarcastic and pessimistic co-workers, the mass media and social media–drown out the sounds of new opportunities that are chirping for your attention!

Drew Crandall has strong New Jersey roots. He spent five formative years of his childhood in Somerset. Since 2001, he has served as Co-Chair of Called To Work, a workplace ministry originally based at Rutgers Community Christian Church in Somerset. Called To Work has since grown into a nationwide ministry. Please see www.CalledToWork.org for details.