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Jesus Summer 2021: Saturating Greater NYC with the Gospel


By Pastor David Beidel

Jesus Summer is an opportunity to fulfill the unanswered and most passionate prayer of Jesus – that we might be one – that the world might know Him. It is also an opportunity to be His hands of love and healing in the wake of an unprecedented season of sorrow.

Jesus Week, which has blossomed into Jesus Summer, is the largest initiative of the Saturate NYC movement which stands on three pillars: Christ Saturation, Prayer Saturation and City Saturation (VIDEO LINK BELOW). Our dream is to see Christ Saturation in our churches and Gospel Saturation on our streets! We long to satisfy Jesus’ hunger for the multitudes in our cities and communities that are helpless and harassed like “sheep without a shepherd.” Rarely has there been a time when our neighbors were more lost and desperate for love and prayer.

Much of our strategy is based on Nehemiah’s city rebuilding campaign. He mobilized 42 families to rebuild the walls of his ruined city. Each took responsibility for their own neighborhood. The entire wall was repaired, and the city was saved in 52 days!

To heal our cities today we will be saturating our own neighborhoods with love and prayer instead of brick and mortar. Our neighbors need the presence of the body of Christ and the power of His word. If 1500 churches took “Gospel Responsibility” for the 2000 homes surrounding them, there would be no sheep without a shepherd in NYC.

We are prepared to equip 2000+ churches in the tristate region to reach 2000 homes surrounding their church. Together we will reach 4 million homes and over 15 million people. Together we can build cities where there are “no sheep without a shepherd.”

Sign up today and learn more at JesusWeekUSA.org

RESOURCES: We have beautiful Gospels of John, outreach books for children, youth and adults and powerful Gospel booklets – all in Spanish and English.

E-EVANGELISM: Utilize our Faith Based/Social Service app:  SaturateNYC.app or GLEW.app (God’s Love Every Where).

TRAINING: Click here for an easy to use manual for your outreach teams: “Saturate Playbook”

SUPPORT: Saturate NYC and Jesus Week are ministries of Urban Hope.