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Business and Society Course Offered at Pillar College


By Candace Waller, Pillar College

Pillar College two-week Business & Society course will help entrepreneurs and prepare those pursuing careers in business. The three credits for this course can be applied at Pillar College or other colleges. The course starts July 6 with a registration deadline of June 22.

“The goal of this course is to introduce students to business and entrepreneurship concepts with examples and demonstrations from real life,” said Dr. Rosette B. Adera, Director of International Programs. “The highlights include visiting area businesses, contact with entrepreneurs and potential business mentors, a closer look at how enterprise impacts society in positive ways, etc. The students will gain insight into what it takes to begin and run a business with a social impact in mind.” 

Students who enrolled in this class will have the opportunity to explore starts ups, business world and non-profits. This course provide foundations of business and is the first of a series of courses that provide the principles of a startup and a socially responsive organization.  It is offered at an accelerated pace in the summer time and the three credits can be used toward the business degree at Pillar College or another institution if the students transfer.

This course an introduction into business and is a good class to start with for people who are interested in owning their own business or working for a company.

“This introductory course is open to all individuals (not just potential Business students), including those who are sampling courses or looking to know more about business enterprise,” Adera said. 

To sign up for the class please use pillar.edu/business-society

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