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Veritas Christian Academy Graduates Ready to Take Next Step


Photo (click to enlarge): Top Row: Kayla Amels, Owen Dorrity, Molly Gewecke, Hannah Foster, Faith Haber; Second Row: Rose Hockman, Joseph Kesselring, Abigail Kesselring, Caleb Kuiken, Wesley Kuperus; Third Row: John McCurdy, Morgan Meyers, Laila Qarmout, Ethan Mulder, Kairos Torppey; Fourth Row: Eric Reiff, Simon Valkema, Maebel Van Ek, Abigail White.

The mission of Veritas Christian Academy is to train the minds, develop the Christian character, and enrich the spiritual lives of its students through quality academic programs and extracurricular activities. “Our purpose is to glorify God by teaching a Biblical worldview of life in a Christ-centered environment. That mission is accomplished for the 2021 graduating class.”

The Class of 2021 marks the 13th graduating class in the school’s history. The return to a standard graduation affair was a welcomed change from the unusual events of 2020 as Veritas commenced its school year by honoring one of the largest classes in recent history.

Fifteen of the nineteen seniors have plans in place to attend college in the fall while others are still considering options or looking to immediately enter the workforce. Below is a roster of the 2021 graduating class of Veritas Christian Academy along with their college destination and scholarships awarded. Nineteen students will graduate with over 170 college credits earned during their tenure at Veritas.

While scholarly knowledge is the intent of every school, it’s the instilling of the knowledge of God that Veritas has as the focus of its curriculum. 1 Corinthians 10:5 (NIV) says, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” The hope of Veritas Christian Academy “is that these seniors walk away from their high school years with a greater portion of the knowledge of God as they set out to be leaders in this world.”

Veritas congratulate the graduating class of 2021 and pray that they continue on the path the Lord has set for them:

Kayla Amels
Messiah University
Messiah University Scholarship
Provost Scholarship
First Year Bridge Grant

Owen Dorrity
Cedarville University
President’s Scholar Award
Academic Scholarships
DAR Good Citizens Award

Hannah Foster
Harrisburg Area Community College

Molly Gewecke

Faith Haber
Liberty University

Rose Hockman
Johnson and Wales University
Presidential Academic Scholarship
JWU Early Campus Visit Award

Abigail Kesselring
Liberty University
Liberty Academic Scholarship

Joseph Kesselring
Cedarville University
Cedarville Fund Scholarship
President’s Scholar Award

Caleb Kuiken
Messiah University
Dean’s School in Humanities
Provost’s Scholarship
First-Year Bridge Grant

Wesley Kuperus
Liberty University
Full Time Resident Award
Liberty Academic Scholarship
Early Deposit Award

John McCurdy

Morgan Meyers

Ethan Mulder
Liberty University

Laila Qarmout

Cairn University
Cairn Merit Scholarship
University Grant
Early Deposit Award

Eric Reiff

Cedarville University
Academic Scholarship

Kairos Torppey

Simon Valkema
Christian Culinary Institute

Maebel Van Ek
Geneva College
Sussex Kiwanis Scholarship

Abigail White
Cairn University