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Practical Lessons for Leaders: John Rivera Wants Readers to ‘Climb’ Higher With His First Book


By Tom Campisi

John Rivera wants to see God’s people find their purpose, live out their devotion to the fullest, and impact the world in ways far beyond their greatest dreams and aspirations.

Rivera, of North Jersey, is a long time coach, organizational and leadership expert, and mentor to pastors and ministry leaders in Greater New York City and beyond. In his recently-released first book, The Climb: Practical Lessons for Today’s Leader, he shares decades of experience, Bible knowledge, and wisdom, while inviting readers to ascend to the next level in their journey.

The Climb is a devotional tool for those seeking a breakthrough. Whether it is apathy, suppressed dreams, untapped potential, unfounded fears, or self-doubt, this Christian motivational and leadership book will inspire readers each day.

“My journey, experience, education, and most importantly, my relationship with Christ have positioned me to share my heart with leaders from a unique perspective,” Rivera said.

In The Climb, readers will learn from inspirational Bible stories of men and women who were called by God to be extraordinary leaders. In the first chapter, Rivera writes about his “4-2-1” principle, based on the patriarch Abraham. In The Climb, readers will also learn:

  • How to apply practical leadership principles to their life and improve organizational skills for maximum productivity.
  • How to overcome fear that has kept them from flourishing or outside of the territory that God has called you to master; and last but not least,
  • How to challenge themselves to mobilize their faith, become successful and find happiness.

Several renowned local and national leaders have endorsed The Climb.

John Rivera

“In The Climb, John Rivera masterfully guides us through the essentials of leadership which every leader is wise to follow as they seek to climb to the mountain top of influence and impact,” said Dr. Fernando Cabrera, a New York City Councilman and a pastor in the Bronx. “The insights John provides are both pragmatic and bedded on a solid biblical foundation.”

“John Rivera has walked through many open doors of ministry and leadership. In The Climb, he shares some practical and inspirational lessons that can benefit both the early learner and the seasoned minister/leader,” said Rev. Carl Colletti, who served as an Assemblies of God District Superintendent in New Jersey. “Whether in the Church, or the marketplace, leadership is a journey and in a uniquely warm way, John comes alongside his readers to assist in their climb.”

For Rivera, the time and season is now for sharing wisdom from his own walk of faith with ministry and marketplace leaders.

“I have walked through many seasons that have led me to this chapter of life,” he said. “There have also been many experiences that my clients and ministry partners have faced that have become the building blocks for personal growth and development. These lessons have carried me to a place where I can now confidently and joyfully share this valuable information.”

“My hope is that the reader considers me their fellow sojourner. I want to invite them to see me as someone who desires to do great things for God and who also desires to see them do likewise.”

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