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Pillar College’s Social Sector Management MBA Program Includes Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Personalized Coaching


Photo: Pillar College President Rupert Hayles, Jr.

By Candace Waller

Pillar College President Dr. Rupert A. Hayles, Jr. will be teaching the eight-week Professional Assessment & Seminar 1 in the new MBA in Social Sector Management program at the college. 

“As a leader, it’s not so much as what you know intellectually, but how you work with people from a relational standpoint in order to get the work done,” said Dr. Hayles. “In addition to other intellectual analysis, this class primarily focuses on the relationship component of leadership.”

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for individuals who lead social service programs and community organizations will increase by 18% between 2016 and 2026, and by 20% for healthcare executives. That is nearly three times the rate of growth of all other occupations in the United States. 

“Our focus here is on those that are leading the for-cause non-profit organizations, because these organizations are going to have a significant impact on the world,” Dr. Hayles said. “It’s important for us to help these leaders understand how to better manage those organizations and to understand themselves within the context of leading and managing organizations and people.”

Students in his class will be given an emotional intelligence assessment, to determine their leadership proficiencies.  The results consist of identified strength, but also potential leadership challenges and opportunities for development.  Students will engage and analyze various case studies from Harvard Business School to gain insight into what makes an exceptional leader.  According to Dr. Hayles, these assessments and personalized coaching are some of the factors that makes this program distinctive. 

 “As someone who attended Wharton Business School, the number one business school in the world, I am extremely proud of our distinctives, which are not even offered at some of the country’s best business schools,” Dr. Hayles stated. 

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The MBA in Social Sector Management is chaired by Dr. Rosette Adera who is also the co-creator of the program.  This MBA is designed to give individuals in the social sector field the skills to flourish and become leaders in their jobs.  This 39-credit online program is the first of its kind in New Jersey and will train a new generation of leaders to fill the growing number of social sector jobs.

“There are nearly a million for-cause nonprofits in the form of institutions, social service agencies, and community service organizations through which talented individuals provide a wide range of human services for the purpose of saving lives, alleviating suffering, and protecting and maintaining human dignity,” said Dr. Adera, who will be teaching the Social Entrepreneurship Class and navigating students through the Capstone course. “Included are an increasingly growing number and array of business executives leading for-profit organizations with a social mission to serve the same purposes.” 

For more information, please go to pillar.edu/mba-info.

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