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Quiet Quitting Is Unhuman and a Consequence of Business as Usual


Paul Michalski is the founder of Integrous, LLC, “a law firm that provides integrity advice and legal counsel to clients serious about faith/work integration.” In a recent blog post, Michalski commented on the new viral concept of “Quiet Quitting – doing just enough at work to get by – minimizing “work” in order to maximize life.”

“We believe Quiet Quitting is ‘unhuman’ and a consequence of business as usual,” Michalski wrote. “God made us to flourish through work, and we are less fully human when not reflecting our God-given creativity and productivity through work that is fulfilling.”

“Worker disengagement (at the heart of Quiet Quitting) is not new, and business as usual has been unable to solve the disengagement problem through ‘strategies’ like perks and purpose statements. Work will not change and people will not realize their full humanity (with requires meaningful work that unleashes their God-given productivity and creativity in a culture of Shalom built on Biblical principles of relationships, community and human dignity) until business gets a new heart. The way back is business in alignment with Biblical beliefs, principles and priorities–business a better way.”

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