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Yes, Larry David, Even the Stupid Ones Get to Vote


Image of FTX Super Bowl commercial (video below)

By Tom Campisi

The recent collapse of cryptocurrency company FTX has brought renewed attention to the company’s Super Bowl ad featuring comedian Larry David. In the spot, David travels throughout history, skeptical of inventions like the wheel and the lightbulb, and ultimately he is skeptical about FTX.

“I’m never wrong about these things,” he says.

The commercial ends with: “Don’t be like Larry…Don’t miss out on the next big thing.”

While the Seinfeld co-creator may have proved somewhat prophetic, his role as a member of the Continental Congress in the ad was also very 2022, as we are still in the midst of contentious mid-term elections that have been emblematic of the divided state of our nation.

In the segment, John Hancock is about sign the Declaration of Independence, when David’s character rudely interrupts.

“No king? People, have you taken leave of your senses?” he shouts.

“The people shall have the right to vote,” answers John Hancock.

“Even the stupid ones?” David asks.

Enraged, he storms the signers and attempts to tear up the hallowed document.

As funny as that commercial is, however, today many people have that same kind of anger, rage, and low opinion of others when it comes to our elections. But who exactly are “the stupid ones?” Well, I am certainly not one of them. And neither are you, of course.  

As elections have brought out the worse in us, we would be wise to consider the words of Scripture and remember that we are called to pursue peace (Heb. 12:14) with everyone and love our enemies (Matt. 5:44). For even while we were enemies with God, even “while we were yet sinners,” Jesus died for us. The father’s heart is always fixed on reconcilaition.

Likewise, it’s time for us to extend grace and mercy to those who hold different opinions—even though it’s not easy. Even though you may feel like buying one of those “I’m with stupid” T-shirts.


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