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Dr. David Schroeder Laments Sudden Closing of Alliance University; Welcomes Transfers to Pillar College


Editor’s note: The following article was transcribed from a recent video announcement from Dr. David Schroeder, President of Pillar College. Dr. Schroeder is the former President of Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary.

By now, I’m sure most people know about the very sad closure of Alliance University in New York City. I don’t think anyone can grieve more than I am. Having graduated from the college in 1968 with a degree in philosophy, having served on Alumni Board and as an adjunct teacher when I was a pastor in the area, and then going back to Nyack in 1993 and remaining for twelve years as president, I’m very saddened about its closure.

I want to say quickly that President Rajan Mathews and the team have done everything they could to help the college be sustainable, but it was not to be. I’m also grateful that President Mathews and others are encouraging students to transfer to Pillar College, which now may well be the only accredited Christian college or university in the greater metropolitan New York area.

One of the great things about Nyack College/Alliance University over the years is that the graduates have basically stayed in the New York area. The city is peppered with graduates of Nyack who are involved in business, education, the church, and politics, and almost any industry you can imagine, not only going with outstanding professional credentials, but with a solid Christ-centered worldview.

And that’s what each of us needs to be concerned about—that there will continue to be an opportunity for students in the greater metropolitan New York area, especially northern New Jersey, to receive a Christ-centered worldview as they receive their bachelor or master’s degrees.

Pillar College is a new college built on an old foundation. We are Christ centered, we’re accredited by Middle States, and we offer a variety of degree programs, undergraduate and graduate. We are wide open to students coming from Alliance University and transferring to Pillar College. Our campuses are in Newark, Paterson, and Jersey City, which is very handy for those coming over from Manhattan.

We are very hopeful that God will give us ongoing strength, spiritually, financially, and professionally. We have some very unique programs that seem to be led by God to sustain us, especially for Spanish speaking students, for teacher education, and for adults who want to continue their education.

So please be free to contact us at pillar.edu on our website and we’ll be glad to interact with you. Meanwhile, please, as I am doing, pray for the students who need to find a new opportunity for their education. Pray for those faculty and staff administrators who are having to make life changes that they didn’t expect, and continue to pray that the Kingdom of God will be glorified through all that we do.

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