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Don Wickstrum, Chasing Hope Tour Comes to Eastern Christian High School


By Jadyn Ninan

Don Wickstrum, a cancer survivor dubbed the “World’s Fastest Pastor,” spoke at Eastern Christian High School’s chapel on November 29. Wickstrum shared his testimony and the gospel message as part of the Chasing Hope Tour, which is co-sponsored by I Am Second. 

Wickstrum’s life, thus far, has been anything but a smooth ride. In 2018, after a devastating cancer diagnosis and a call by his doctor to sell his business in an effort to save his life, he was encouraged by a friend to chase his bucket list childhood dream: Racing Pikes Peak Hill Climb. 

Connecting with other spiritually-active competitors along the way, he found himself seeking a new purpose aside from just winning races. There was a greater calling for him in store. 

Don used the tools and films of I Am Second, a larger Christian organization, to grow in recognition as a driver on a mission. In the past three years, I Am Second has partnered with him at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to share the gospel and pray with people attending Fan Fest and the races themselves.

As Don’s ministry grew and evolved, I Am Second continued to partner with him, combining his engaging speaking, his documentary film, and Q&A sessions to evoke a powerful message of hope to all ages at private and public schools, universities, conferences, jails, business events and automotive events. 

“Don had a speaking event for his [2022] documentary, Chasing Hope, at a private Christian school where the amount of hurt and loneliness broke his heart. He felt God calling him to reach out to other schools, men’s groups and prisons to share hope to other places as well,” says I Am Second spokesperson, Shawn. The mission, from here on out, was to restore peace for this lost young generation. 

The tour includes a message that empowers sinners of all kinds to rise above their circumstances, to diminish all that the world labels and entangles them with, and instead, live out the purpose and calling which God has on their lives, according to a company press statement.

Wickstrum’s goals include to bring drive to the hurting and the gospel to the lost, using the message of his story and film to help people see that God is so much bigger than their circumstances. 

The prayer of I Am Second, and Wickstrum himself, is that “every person who attends [these] events are personally touched by the love of Christ, the hope of the Gospel, and motivated to live outside of their circumstances. [They are called to live out the] purpose and calling God has for them,” a spokesperson with Chasing Hope explains, just as Don has learned to do himself.

In addition to Wickstrum, the event at Eastern Christian School also included Band Reeves, a Christian rock band based out of Texas.

Jadyn Ninan is a student at Eastern Christian High School.