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Triumphant! Christian Book Hits No. 1 New Release on Amazon


            We all know the statistics of children who grow up without fathers in the home, and may experience abuse, neglect, and abandonment. They often continue a vicious cycle when they drop out of High School, have children out of wedlock, and many of these young people never fully recover or regain their feet.

Does the Story Have to End Bad?

            TRIUMPHANT is the awe inspiring and inspirational real-life story of Dr. Akia Blandon who overcame every circumstance listed and many more. She demonstrates that abuse, neglect, abandonment, and betrayal can be overcome. She shares how poor life decisions often driven by pain are neither final nor fatal. She proves that overwhelming experiences can be overcome! That God can help you overcome even the most difficult life realities!

God and Human Choice

            Dr. Akia shares how God is with us even in the worst moments of our life and how He can bring us through our current circumstances to a better future. Learning to rely on God is a process and often a bumpy road and requires a personal choice to walk forward through pain and even the most difficult and painful circumstances.

            Outside of God’s involvement, the most important factor is a personal decision to move forward, never quit, and keep going no matter what life throws at you. There is no perfection in this journey, but there is always progress even if you get knocked back along the way.

#1 Amazon New Release

            This book was written and self-published in faith with no guarantees of any success but hit the public so powerfully that it became the #1 Amazon book in New Releases in the areas of Self-Help and Abuse. Pain is a universal experience, and many seek to overcome their personal circumstances to move forward. The principles Dr. Akia shares are applicable to all situations and needed by all people.

God Can Help You!

            It’s never too late to change, to heal, to forgive and to move forward. Dr. Akia shares her painful journey over decades, never ending trials and deep personal struggles. Victory is often messy and difficult, but God heals, set’s free and can even help you to release those who hurt you so that you can be free and healthy.

            God and wise counsel including therapy are often needed to process and help people get unstuck to move forward. Dr. Akia’s painful but powerful story captured in TRIUMPHANT demonstrates how anyone can overcome even life’s most difficult challenges and circumstancses.

TRIUMPHANT, written by Dr. Akia Blandon and Jack Redmond, is available online @ https://a.co/d/3Skb0KO

Dr. Akia Blandon is a keynote speaker, professor, entrepreneur, life coach and nurse practitioner. She can be reached at www.DrAkiaBlandon.com, Instagram: @Dr.AkiaBlandon or Facebook @Akia.Blandon

Jack Redmond is an author, minister, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, life coach and missionary who has written 11 books and travels internationally training leaders and leading evangelistic events. He can be reached on social media @jackwredmond.

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