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Dan Buttafuoco, Historical Bible Society Host Pastors’ Appreciation Brunch


By Tom Campisi

Two-hundred pastors recently received the royal treatment at the Oheka Castle in Long Island, courtesy of attorney Dan Buttafuoco and The Historical Bible Society.

On December 4, the Pastor’s Appreciation Brunch honored local ministers and gave them an opportunity to worship, fellowship, and receive encouragement for their labor of love.

“This brunch was organized to celebrate a partnership of faith, compassion, service, and years of work between the Law Office of Dan Buttafuoco and Associates and pastors in Metro New York City,” said Rob Taormina, emcee of the event and Client Intake Coordinator at the firm.

At the brunch, Dan Buttafuoco spoke about his calling to be an attorney, his passion for ministry and the Word of God, and his admiration and appreciation for pastors. Over the years, Buttafuoco and Associates has helped hundreds of accident victims rebuild their lives, including a large percentage from the church community.

“We understand that through our partnership with the church, and with the power of God coming in and intervening in each one of these people’s lives, we can do more than just resolve a case,” Dan Buttafuoco said.

The pastors and spouses in attendance represented a wide swath of denominations, races, and generations from the Metro New York region. Dan Buttafuoco noted the power that can happen when the church is united. 

“We love you guys. We really do. From the bottom of our heart, we really thank you. But beyond that, we sense that God has a greater purpose here. In unity, there is so much that can be accomplished,” he said. “We need to cross-pollinate.”

The brunch also included a display of some of the Historical Bible Society’s collection of rare books, Bibles, and manuscripts that spans nearly one thousand years. Dan Buttafuoco, who holds a Master’s degree in theology in addition to his law degree, founded the traveling museum in 2004. The mission: “the preservation of ancient scripture, dissemination of scripture and display, Christian apologetics, and evidence for the Bible’s reliability…”

An exhortation by Dan Buttafuoco and a message from Pastor Adam Durso helped encourage the pastors to not be weary in well doing.

“Whatever denomination you are from and whatever way you’re serving the Lord, keep doing it. Even when you think that it’s not worth it, trust me, it’s worth it,” Buttafuoco said. “It’s worth it because you’re changing lives. You’re making a difference in the lives of people. And that’s really what it’s all about…We are forever grateful for what you do!”

Pastor Adam Durso shared a message based on 2nd Kings 13:20-21. In this passage, a dead man is placed in the grave of Elisha, and comes back to life after coming into contact with the bones of the prophet.

“As I read this scripture, I felt the Holy Spirit say to me, ‘Adam don’t do to the grave with life left in your bones….My simple words to every pastor, every man, every woman, every lawyer, every leader in this room—God has deposited and put something inside of you to deliver to the earth. Do not carry to it the grave. Do not let fear rob you of God’s design…If it’s a book, then write your book, if you are to plant churches, go out and launch them, if you have a song inside you, sing it. But do not carry it to heaven.”

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