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“Why We Pulled Our Kids From Club Sports”


Club sports are big business and extremely popular in the Metro NYC region. But are they beneficial when you count the cost? A recent article at The Gospel Coalition, “Why We Pulled Our Kids from Club Sports,” looks at the overall impact of youth sports from a spiritual perspective.

Ross Douma, the athletic director of Dordt University, and his wife made the hard decision after wondering if they were being foolish, or even idolatrous.

“We were young parents, and it was very enticing to play club and AAU [Amateur Athletic Union] at an early age,” Douma said in the article. “That’s just what folks were doing. It was the norm…”

“The benefits were not outweighing the things that were making life challenging for us. Our son was improving his skills to a degree, but we were compromising family time, schoolwork, and sometimes church activities. We said to ourselves, ‘This is not how we want to raise our children.’”

The article explores the substantial growth of youth sports market and the pressures and expectations associated with club sports, while delving into the impact on family time, schoolwork, and church activities. It also addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual implications of early and intense participation in sports. The piece ultimately advocates for a more balanced approach to youth sports, emphasizing the importance of family, faith, and well-being over the pursuit of athletic success.

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