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Bronx Bishop Wonders How Evangelicals Can Still Support Donald Trump


Photo: Bishop Ray Rivera (Facebook)

Bishop Ray Rivera, founder of the Latino Pastoral Action Center and Sanctuary Church in the Bronx, recently took to Facebook to lament ongoing Evangelical support for former President Donald Trump following a guilty verdict in a case involving sexual abuse.

E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in the late 1990s at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. In May 2023, a federal jury found Trump had sexually abused and defamed Carroll, marking the first legal judgment against Trump for sexual assault. A jury recently awarded Carroll $83.3 million in damages against Donald Trump in the defamation suit connected to the case.

“It’s shocking to me that it is possible to have this person elected again as president as of the United States,” said Rivera in a Facebook post. “This means we will have a sexual abuser/verbal bully as our president. In no way does this imply that I don’t believe in the God of restoration or second chances; yet this man remains unrepentant, defiant, and arrogantly acts like this is acceptable behavior.”

Rivera, a social justice activist, is puzzled by the lack of accountability for Trump among Evangelicals.

“We must remember that 22 other women also have accused him of different levels of this crime. It’s remarkable, and I might even use the word astonishing, that my brothers and sisters in the Trump Evangelical world would not at least question/reflect on this type of behavior and reach the conclusion that this is unacceptable,” he said. “I know many of them are stuck on Clinton, Obama, and Biden, but this should not cloud their assessment of speaking out against Trump’s unacceptable behavior.”