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He Gets Us – Get Over It


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Editor’s note: The He Gets Us “Foot Washing” commercial that ran during the recent Super Bowl has generated both applause and criticism among Christians. In an effort to publish a balanced approach to the debate, TriStateVoice.com presents two opposing views: “He Gets Us – Get Over It,” By Dawn Massa, a leader in her NJ church, a graphic designer, and arts educator; and “When ‘He Gets Us’ Presents a Jesus Who Is Too Much Like Us,” by Dr. Michael L. Brown, a Christian author, commentator, and talk-show host. I encourage you to read both articles, both thoughtfully and prayerfully – Tom Campisi

By Dawn Romano Massa

February 11, 2024 – 7:56pm: “Hey Bestie: Jesus is spending a lot on air time this Superbowl” (insert praying hands emoji).

My bestest friend since high school, who happens to be Jewish, is paying attention.  My bestest friend, who I used to smoke pot with, get drunk with, go to clubs and concerts with; who unabashedly told me many times that I was “in a cult;” who, after almost 35 years of me being born again and she… NOT—she was paying attention.

As a creative professional I take an interest in the commercials aired during the Super Bowl – every year hoping to see something exceptionally clever.  As I watched the He Gets Us ads, I was thrilled. I was thrilled that I did not see an agenda. I did not see a political slant, I did not see a specific ministry, denomination, or high-brow personality being exalted. All I saw was the simplicity of Jesus: Love thy neighbor. Come as you are. We’re here to serve, not to be served. I thought to myself: Wow! Tthere is nothing here that could possibly be misinterpreted. Nothing to highlight the fractions within the Body of Christ. Something we can actually all agree on! Call me naive.

As the rest of us reclined in our Lazy-Boys with buckets of wings, someone actually dared to step out and share the love of Jesus on the biggest American stage of the year. And as we lick the buffalo sauce off our fingertips, all we can do is criticize. It is now three days past the Super Bowl. Amid all the Travis and Taylor memes (I confess, I am guilty of reposting one!), Christians are making their differences of opinions known in the only way we seem to know how to – via social media.  Some claim the ads are too controversial. NEWSFLASH: JESUS was CONTROVERSIAL! Then there are the boast-posts — those who think they could have done it better. “THIS is what the ads SHOULD have said.” Really, blogger? Then why didn’t YOU pony up the $7 million dollars and attempt to preach the full Gospel in its entirety in a 30-second spot? 

And speaking of $7 million, the “Facebook Board of Trustees” had much to say! If all that money was not used to build houses for the poor, the sponsors must be “reading the wrong book.” Funny, in the book I read, Judas had the same complaint in John 12.

Another commenter proclaimed “If the world likes it, it’s NOT of God!” Hmmmm? Have you ever read Matthew Chapter 9? “Worldly” tax collectors and sinners loved Jesus. The religious Pharisees are the ones who took issue. 

It seems the biggest complaint among the finger-lickers and finger-pointers is that the ads omit a call to repentance. Gasp! How dare they! I mean, HOW will the homosexuals, abortionists, and leftists know they’re wrong if we don’t tell them? Constantly. Condescendly. Sans love, mercy, or compassion. Conviction of sin is the job of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Neither needs us to micro-manage.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. – John 3:17. Jesus built relationships first. He built bridges, not moats. If He had come in guns-a-blazin’ pointing the finger of judgment, He would not have been welcome to dine at Levi’s home in Matthew Chapter 9. The “worldly ones” would have shut their door to Him and their hearts would never have been open to hear the call to repentance. He would have never gotten anyone’s attention.

He Gets Us is getting people, like my Jewish Bestie, to pay attention.  The He Gets Us ads are not controversial. They are not Un-Biblical. And they are certainly nothing the Body of Christ needs to be up in arms arguing about. John 13:35 says By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” These ads are simply a glimpse — a small peephole inviting the world to take a closer look. But when they do look, what will they see?

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