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Her Empire of Hope Started in NYC: The Legacy of Mother Cabrini Comes to Theaters


By Tom Campisi

I recently had a chance to screen the movie Cabrini for Care Net’s Abundant Life blog.

The link to my review is below. In addition to being an inspirational, life-affirming, true story about Mother Francesca Cabrini, the movie will be of particular interest for those of us who live and serve the Lord here in Metro New York City.

The film opens with Mother Cabrini petitioning the Pope to start an orphange in China. The Pope has other plans. He sends her to New York City, where Italian immigrants are plagued by poverty, disease, and sub-human living conditions.

“If we are to build an empire of hope, we must first conquer New York,” Cabrini says.

Released on International Women’s Day, the film centers on her ministry in New York, portraying her unwavering faith in God and indomitable spirit in the face of adversity. Her commitment to serving the poor and the marginalized is a powerful testament to Jesus’ call to love and serve one’s neighbor.

Here is the link to my Care Net review of Cabrini.