Home News 25th Annual Joy at Work Week Starts on March 24

25th Annual Joy at Work Week Starts on March 24


VERNON, CT. — The 25th annual Joy At Week Week will be held during Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, March 24-31, 2024.

According to the event’s founder, Drew Crandall, Joy At Work Week has grown into a global campaign to encourage working Christians from all traditions, denominations, nations and cultures to take the joy of the Lord into their workplaces–not only during Holy Week, but year-round. 

“As we ramp up for Easter,” he says, “Christians should be the most joyful people where we work because our sins are forgiven and we have the gifts of eternal life and the Holy Spirit.” One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit described in the scriptures is joy. Therefore, a consistently grumpy Christian is a contradiction of terms.

“In the midst of all the disease, distress and death in this world,” adds Crandall, “the resurrection of Christ gives us great hope and encouragement.”

Northeast Christians At Work (ChristAtWork.org) is a regional ministry that focuses on the northeastern United States. Called To Work (CalledToWork.org) is a global bilingual workplace ministry that publishes materials in English and Chinese. Both ministries are based at 30 Lafayette Square, Suite 118. They offer a variety of resources to help believers to be Godly at work, including Joy At Work Week church bulletin artwork and social media graphics. For more information, please call Crandall at 860.871.6500.