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State Senator Kevin Parker: Good Friday Should Be a Holiday in New York


Sen. Kevin Parker (nysenate.gov)

New York State Senator Kevin Parker wants Good Friday to be an official state holiday.

Parker, who represents sections of Brooklyn, has issued a renewed call for the passage of legislation S5856, a bill that seeks to give Good Friday the same recognition and observance as other religious holidays. The bill was introduced back in 2017.

“Recognizing Good Friday as a public holiday is more than a gesture of respect towards New York’s Christian community; it is a stride towards acknowledging the multicultural tapestry that defines our state,” stated Senator Parker. “Just as we honor other religious holidays, acknowledging their cultural and spiritual importance, so too should we uplift Good Friday, allowing for a day of reflection and replenishment.”

Christians observe Good Friday in a variety of ways, ranging from fasting, prayer, processions, and reenactments of the Passion to special church services. Despite the somber tone, Good Friday is considered “good” because the message of Easter is of Christ’s victory over sin, death, and the devil; indeed, the very events that Good Friday commemorates are the precursor to this triumph.

“Good Friday is a day of profound religious significance for millions of Christians worldwide. It is a cornerstone of the Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday. This day serves as a testament to sacrifice, forgiveness, and the unyielding power of faith—values that are the bedrock of our spiritually and culturally diverse society,” Parker said. “The passage of S5856 into law would not only honor the significance of Good Friday but also reinforce New York’s standing as a beacon of diversity and religious freedom.”

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