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Our Bonhoeffer Moment: Robert Stearns Implores Christians to Stand With Israel


By Tom Campisi

On Passover, in the midst of chaotic protests at Columbia University in New York City, Bishop Robert Stearns continued to exhort the Church to stand with Israel.

Stearns, the founder, and executive director of Eagles Wings, has literally been a watchman on the wall concerning Israel over the last 30 years. On March 26, he recorded an Instagram video, raising his voice in an effort to be heard among the anti-Israel protests.

“Today, on Passover, they have shut down [Columbia] University,” he said. “We are hearing things like ‘from the river the sea (Palestine will be free).’ Jewish students are not feeling safe at one of the leading American universities. Why? Because we’re not standing up. We’re not speaking on behalf of Jewish students and Jewish lives here on American soil.”

Ever since the deadly Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, there has been an unprecedented sense of urgency in Stearns’ voice. In his recent Instagram post, he called for Christians to not be silent, likening the current moment in history to what was happening in Nazi Germany prior to World War II.

“I want to call you to understand that this is our Bonhoeffer moment,” he said. “This is the moment to get loud. On our soil, in our generation, we’ve got to lift our voice loudly and clearly. The Bible says, ‘For Zion’s sake, I will not be silent.’ For Jerusalem’s sake, I will not be still.’”

Robert Stearns in Israel

Stearns is calling Christians to stand with Israel in a variety of ways, through political advocacy, prayer, and on social media.

“We’re calling for the release of the hostages. We’re calling for the release of those who’ve been held prisoner for now close to 200 days in the tunnels of Hamas…We’re standing here (at Columbia), and we are calling you as Christians to stand on behalf of Israel. We’re calling you pastors. We’re calling you prayer leaders. Get involved today in what is happening. This is what we’re seeing on American soil. We need to raise a wall of protection that is needed in this hour.”

For more information on how Eagles’ Wings is supporting Israel, visit www.eagleswings.org.

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