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      Address123 W. 57th St.
      New York, NY 10019

    Founded in 1971, the New York School of the Bible has welcomed, graduated, and sent out thousands of students that are impacting local churches around the world. NYSB students come from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, and educational backgrounds – each with a heart to study God’s word and further the gospel message.

    The NYSB is a continuing adult education program designed for believers to deepen their understanding of the Bible and gain confidence in sharing the gospel message. The NYSB offers a variety of certificates that equip students with a well-rounded education on the Bible, theology, and church ministry. Additionally, NYSB has a number of affiliations with regional schools, colleges, and institutions. Through our strategic affiliations, students can earn a considerable amount of college credit.

    Calvary Baptist Church is privileged to oversee and steward this educational ministry as well as offer our facilities as the site of NYSB’s main campus. Calvary’s Senior Pastor David Epstein serves as Chancellor of the institution alongside Interim Dean Michael Herbert and Registrar Billy Nelson.