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    • Skateboard Ministry

      AddressSkate Park: 445 Godwin Ave
      Midland Park, NJ 07432

    Here at Solid Foundation, there are three beliefs that drive us to do what we do:

    • There are not enough places to skate.
    • Skateboarders are influential.
    • Faith is a part of life.

    What leads us to these beliefs?  First off, there are approximately 4,600 skateboarders in Bergen and Passaic counties, and there are not nearly enough skateparks or spots able to accommodate them.

    Secondly, there is an unparalleled commonality among skateboarders, a bond that cannot truly be described.  Every skateboarder looks up to other skaters, being influenced by them and their styles.  Now ask yourself this: Could somebody look up to you?  No matter your age, skill level or anything else, you have influence.  You can make a difference in someone’s life.

    Finally, regardless of anyone’s beliefs, be them religious, spiritual, non-religious, or otherwise, we believe that every belief system starts with an element of faith.  As skateboarders, we often times live life together, so from time to time we explore these different beliefs/faiths and together we discuss how they play a part in our lives.