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    Touch The World was birthed by a desire to move youth from apathy to energy in their faith and short-term missions trips became the primary vehicle to see that happen. What started in 1991 with a single trip from one church youth group to an Indian reservation in Canada, grew into an expanding ministry resourcing churches in northern New Jersey to impact their youth while making an impact in communities around the world.

    Since the short-term missions boom in the late 90’s, training students before they went out to serve has always been part of our DNA. Today that desire to train has only grown and has become our primary focus as a short-term missions youth sending agency. Learning from the past 25 years plus of experience, our desire is to equip teams to embrace cultural sensitivity, follow best practices in poverty alleviation, and enthusiastically support long-term missionaries through their short-term missions experiences. We recognize that not all short-term missions trips are created equal, and we are in relentless pursuit of creating a missions program that goes above and beyond to bring about the most life-transformation in each participant and in each community we serve alongside.