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    Dr. Scott Turansky Will Host Live Zoom Discussion: “Anxiety in Children and Young People”

    Date: Apr 30, 2020
    Time: 3 p.m.
    Location: VIA ZOOM

    Dr. Scott Turansky will host a live zoom discussion on anxiety in children and young people on Thursday, April 30, at 3 p.m. Dr. Turansky is the co-founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting in Central New Jersey.

    Anxiety is challenging for anyone, and children and young people need solutions to help them address it. Too often children are faced with pressures that exceed their developmental abilities. They need training, comfort, and care. The current challenges they are experiencing can provide them with opportunities to develop life-long solutions. Everyone must have a plan for addressing anxiety, worry, and fear in their lives.

    Only 100 people can join the conversation. Dr. Turansky will present some material at first and then will allow questions. The meeting will last approximately one hour and will be recorded for others who weren’t able to join us to view later.

    To request A Zoom Meeting Invitation,
    Please click Here, and you will be sent a link And password.

    Dr. Turansky will take questions live from the audience. Here are the rules:

    1. Since this is recorded, please don’t share names of children. Just say, I have a son who is 14 etc.
    2. This is not an opportunity for you to sell products or advertise either in the chat comments or in the comments and questions time. We have a nifty remove button if we need to use it.
    3. All participants will be muted and the host will unmute one person at a time who uses the “raise your hand” feature.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email: parent@biblicalparenting.org

    This Zoom discussion is free.

    If you want more on this and other parenting discussion, the conversation will continue in Thrivingkidsconnection.com, a private membership group of parents and coaches interested in practical solutions for parents using a heart-based approach.

    The cost is $29.95 per month and it’s only open in April and September. However, we have extended the April window to May 10 so that those who attend this Zoom discussion will have opportunity to join if they would like. Use the code: 25FORLIFE to get access at $24.95 as long as you remain a member.