Home Exponential Roundtable: 'Critical Conversations Around Unity and Closing the Racial Divide.'

    Exponential Roundtable: ‘Critical Conversations Around Unity and Closing the Racial Divide.’

    Date: Nov 7, 2020
    Time: 9 a.m.
    Location: Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 155 Linwood Ave., Ridgewood, NJ

    Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Ridgewood, NJ will host an Exponential Roundtable on Saturday, Nov. 7 that will focus on “Critical Conversations Around Unity and Closing the Racial Divide.” This fall, Exponential is hosting Roundtables across the United States, bringing together leaders to engage in healthy conversations about race, unity, and diversity. Exponential is an organization that equips church planters and leaders to accelerate church multiplication.

    “We are honored to announce that Bethlehem Lutheran Church is participating by hosting a Roundtable this fall in Ridgewood, NJ,” said Rev. Matt Peeples, the host pastor of the event. “The small Roundtable format will give attendees the face-to-face opportunity to sit down with leaders from different ethnicities in a framework that doesn’t avoid the critical topic, but also doesn’t instantly create barriers. We believe there are takeaways for every leader, including knowing how to effectively address and engage issues of race and unityin our church and our region.”

    The Roundtable features three main sessions that will feature pre-recorded, high-quality, TED-style talks from a racially diverse group of national leaders. The local event at Bethlehem Church will feature a morning worship session with Dave Pettigrew and TED-style talks from Efrem Smith (Pursuing Unity), Danielle Strickland (How Big is My Circle), Soong-Chan Rah (Jesus’ Prayer), Leonce Crump (Expanding My Circle), and more.

    To register, click here. Roundtable registration also gives you FREE access to Exponential’s new Divided No More Resource Kit(delivered digitally in January 2021).