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    Joysongs Worship and Media Conference

    Starts: Oct 14, 2022 to Oct 16, 2022
    Location: Abundant Life Whippany, 43 So. Jefferson Rd., Whippany, NJ

    This year’s Joysongs Worship & Media Conference will feature guest worship leader, Corey Voss, and will begin Friday, October 14th, with a night of worship, followed by Saturday workshops on the 15th.  Registration is open now for all churches and individuals who want to go DEEPER in their expression of worship and in their level of excellence in media, sound engineering, vocal training, and so much more. 

    New this year:

    – Expanding Your Social Media Reach
    – Mastering Video: Livestream vs. Production
    – The Fundamentals of Abelton
    – Sound Mixing for Live Stream Using Abelton
    – Are Your Mics Hurting or Helping You?
    – Why Does My Church Sound So Bad?

    To register, go to www.joysongsmusic.com or text: (973) 847-2743.

    Click on this link for a video promo that you can share with your congregation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OCWjnakjuQoWnqNMFLXN1_hxPBMkmfYY/view?usp=sharing

    As always, groups of 10 or more from the same church receive a $10 per person discount on the cost of the conference.