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    Live Talk With Pillar Professor Dr. Brian Rawls: Master of Arts Ministry Leadership

    Date: Dec 15, 2020
    Time: 7 p.m.
    Location: ONLINE

    Pillar College presents its series “Live Talk With Pillar” on Tuesday, Dec. 15, featuring Dr. Brian Rawls.

    Dr. Rawls will speak about Pillar’s MA in Ministry Leadership Program, which is designed to prepare graduates for careers in a variety of settings including but not limited to:

    • Churches (pastors, educational leaders, para-church professionals, missionaries, youth leaders, teachers, worship leaders, and chaplains)
    • Chaplaincies in various communities and venues
    • Non-profit organizations
    The MA in Ministry Leadership Program (MAML Program) is a 48-credit, cohort-based program designed to produce academically, ethically, and spiritually competent professional ministry leaders who are inspirational, motivational, and theologically sound. People of faith expect the leaders of their local churches to deliver a variety of diverse services, including sound preaching and teaching, organizational leadership, community services and marriage and family counseling.
    Dr. Rawls is the Program Director for the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership at Pillar College and adjunct professor at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. He, a graduate of Nyack College, was selected from a national pool of candidates and awarded the National Urban Fellowship where he received his master’s degree in Public Administration from Bernard Baruch College (CUNY) in Manhattan. He completed clinical pastoral education units through the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital chaplaincy program. Recently, Rawls earned his Doctor of Ministry degrees from New Brunswick Theological Seminary.
    Professor Rawls previously served as the Director of the Newark Youth One-Stop Career Center/Office of the Mayor/NewarkWorks and as Chairman of the Mayor’s Commission on the Homeless for the City of Newark. He springs from the Rawls Family, a tradition of singers, composers, church planters and ministers in the City of Newark. Dr. Rawls is an ordained minister and has thirty years of teaching and pastoral ministry experience.

    RSVP at https://pillar.edu/livetalks.