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    Matters of the Heart Workshop

    Starts: Mar 12, 2023 to Apr 2, 2023
    Time: Sunday Evenings at 6:30 p.m.
    Location: Jacksonville Chapel, Sunset Ministry Center - 150 Sunset Rd, Pompton Plains

    Jacksonville Chapel in Lincoln Park, NJ presents the “Matters of the Heart Workshop” with Darryl Donlin, LCSW, a Christian counselor and Encounter Coach with over 20 years of clinical and executive behavioral health experience.

    Help! I’m Trying Hard but My Life Isn’t Changing? Why Is Change so Hard? Applying the “Heart Model” will give you a fresh approach to overcome life’s biggest challenges as you experience a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

    The Heart Model is an easy-to-follow process illustrating how change happens. You will see how the powerful forces behind our actions trap us and keep us stuck. You learn how negative events shape our identity and how that self-image creates so much dissatisfaction in our life. You will understand the unique process Jesus uses to create long lasting change in each of us and how our lives will never be the same.

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