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    UN Ambassadors To Learn About Mental Health Issues At Christian Conference

    Date: Mar 4, 2019

    Mental health issues plaguing youth, crime management, and Christian leadership will be discussed and addressed at the Christian Leaders Fellowship World Conference at Hofstra University this week.

    United Nations ambassadors will attend a reception wehre the issue of mental health in New York City youths and what is being done to address topics like anxiety, depression, and anger will be discussed.

    “Without the proper means to combat these feelings, what starts out as a simple thoughts ending up taking the form of a school shooting showcased on the evening news,” said Terry Henderson, director of programs at The International Youth Fellowship. “Never has this issue been more relevant, as New York’s education infrastructure moves to implement strategies to tackle mental health concerns statewide.”

    Local police and corrections representatives will attend a special forum Thursday, “A New Understanding of Crime Management & Character Education.” The forum aims to educate officails about the mentality of delinquent youths in the area. Helping to successfully rehabiliate youths is one of the forum’s goals.

    Dr. Ock Soo Park, founder of Christian Leaders Fellowship and Good News Mission, is the keynote speaker at the conference. Park has counciled the presidents of Benin, Kenya, Paraguay, and Uganda.

    “When Christian leaders come together to focus solely on the Bible, putting aside both denomination and doctrine, then God will work in unimaginable ways in America,” organizers of the conference said in a statement. “Far too often, our focus lies on the negative, the corruption, the deterioration of society and instutitions. Instead, let’s celebrate the hope and joy of people moving their hearts together for positive change in our society.”

    For more information about the conference, visit clfusa.org.

    By Daniel Hubbard, editor